kilativ (kilativ) wrote,

Пропавший Боинг и украденные паспорта

Bits and pieces of information have begun to form, but it remains unclear how they fit into the bigger picture, if at all.
For instance, after the airline released a manifest, Austria denied that one of its citizens was onboard the flight as the list stated. The Austrian citizen was safe and sound, and his passport had been stolen two years ago, Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Weiss told CNN.
Similarly, Italy's foreign ministry confirmed that no Italians were onboard MH370, even though an Italian was listed on the manifest.
Police in Italy said the man's passport was stolen last year.
A U.S. intelligence official said authorities are aware of reporting about lost or stolen passports used by passengers on the missing flight.

Интересно. По крайней мере два человека еа пропавшем борту были не теми, за кого они себя выдавали, воспользовавшись утеряными паспортами.
Tags: катастрофы, теория заговора

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