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Особенности правосудия

This story begins on Craigslist in March 2009. That was when Marotta noticed an advertisement from the Topeka couple, seeking donated sperm.
"Intrigued" by the ad, he says, he delivered three cupfuls of his sperm -- gratis -- to the women.
One of the women gave birth to a daughter in December 2009, according to court documents.
"I donated genetic material, and that was it for me," he told CNN affiliate WIBW.
Or so he thought. That changed when the parents separated and one of the women stopped working because of illness and applied to the state for help, he said. The state contacted Marotta for child support.
Kansas officials were not persuaded by what Marotta says were agreements he signed, before making his donations, that he would assume no financial responsibility for the child, who is now 4 years old.
The Kansas Department for Children and Families said any agreement would not apply because a physician did not perform the insemination.
Marotta said that was news to him.
"I didn't know that there was no doctor involved," he said.
But under Kansas law, he is her father. Had a physician carried out the insemination, that would not be the case, because Marotta would be able to document that he was a sperm donor and not the lover of the girl's mother, CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen said.

Короче, мужик поработал донором спермы через Крейг-лист для леесбийской пары. За бесплатно. Родился ребенок, но пара потом разбежалась и мать ребенка подала на воспоможение со стороны государства, которое тут же записала мужика в отцы и собирается взымать с него алименты. Все эти соглашения, которые они между собой подписывали могут использоваться только для поддтирки, так как осеменение было произведено без участия лицензированного доктора. Нет доктора, не докажешь, что ты не сбежавший любовник. Законы надо знать.
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