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До американцев начинает доходить

Взято с одного из СНН-овских форумов, поэтому ссылку сделать не удастся

At the start of this conflict, I supported the rebels with zeal, I believe in freedom, the right to choose your own government and viewed China and Russia with absolute disdain as they continued to block support for the freedom fighters. Then, the ugly truth began to show itself, Al-Qaeda being involved in the rebels with soldiers from all over the Middle East and Africa fighting for Saudi Wahhabism, How those foreign fundamentalist are now pillaging their villages, kill their children and friends and displace the people through sheer will. I saw how America tried to pull its people and its allies into another war based on little evidence and shady sources. I saw how Assad is more popular among Syrians then Obama is among Americans and how America has been exposed as the paranoid imperialist power that spies on everything and everyone and tried to support terrorist elements that lead the U.S to increase involvement in the Middle East in the first place,,, Needless to say, my mind has been changed
I am a realist above all, Assad is a dictator but he is also much more preferable over any Islamic Fundamentalist in any way, shape or form. What kind of freedom will a weakened and divided rebel group be able to offer Syria after the defeat of Assad? What happens after Assad leaves? Who has the power to rule Syria without foreign intervention?

Общий смысл такой: сперва я поддерживал повстанцев, осуждал Китай и Россию за препятствия чинимые борцам за свободу, а теперь увидел, кто рвется к власти и понял, что диктатор Ассад гораздо предпочтительнее исламских фундаменталистов. Там еще и про американскую шпиономанию и манипуляцию общественным мнением есть.

К моим про-американским френдам зелотам, поддерживающим американскую политику no matter what: задумайтесь. Ну и некий намек на происходящее в Киеве. Страшный намек.
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