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То, о чем я давно говорил

We were struck by some startling data this past week. Last year saw Japan's population fall by 244,000 people – the largest natural decline in that country's history. It's a trend that's getting worse. By 2060, Japan projects that its population will have fallen by a third; 40 percent of Japanese will be retirees. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Imagine a United States where half the population is over the age of 65: Social Security would collapse, health care costs will explode.

Дохентаились япошата. Четверть миллиона вымерла за прошедший год. При сохранении тренда через 50 лет население сократится на треть, 40% японцев будет пенсионерами. Это, очевидно, рецепт для коллапса страны как таковой.
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