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Сталин, говорите?

A black teen in the Jim Crow South, Stinney was accused of murdering two white girls, ages 7 and 11, as they hunted for wildflowers in Alcolu, about 50 miles southeast of Columbia.
Stinney, according to police, confessed to the crime. No witness or evidence that might vindicate him was presented during a trial that was over in fewer than three hours. An all-white jury convicted him in a flash, 10 minutes, and he was sentenced to "be electrocuted, until your body be dead in accordance with law. And may God have mercy on your soul," court documents say.
Fewer than three months after the girls' deaths, Stinney was escorted to an electric chair at a Columbia penitentiary, built for much larger defendants. The chair's straps were loose on Stinney's 5-foot-1-inch, 95-pound frame, and books were placed on the seat so he would fit in the chair.

14 летнего подростка в 1944 году казнили якобы за убийство 2 белых девочек. Доказательств, кроме признания самого подсудимого не было, белое жюри вынесло обвинительный приговор за 10 минут (сам суд был 3 часа) и через три месяца его зажарили на электрическом стуле. Чтобы подросток уместился на стуле, ему пришлось подложить книги. Как говорил Вышинский, "Признание - царица доказательств". Так что большой разницы со сталинским правосудием я здесь не вижу.
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