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Правосудие по-Техаски. Сравните с басманным правосудием.

Christine was attacked and killed at their home in Williamson County, Texas, just outside Austin. Michael Morton was at work at the time. Still, authorities suspected him.
"Innocent people think that if you just tell the truth then you've got nothing to fear from the police," Morton says now. "If you just stick to it that the system will work, it'll all come to light, everything will be fine."
Instead, Morton was charged, ripped away from his boy, and put on trial. The prosecutor, speaking to the jury in emotional terms with tears streaming down his face, laid out a graphic, depraved sexual scenario, accusing Morton of bludgeoning his wife for refusing to have sex on his birthday.
"There was no scientific evidence, there was no eyewitness, there was no murder weapon, there was no believable motive," Morton says. "... I didn't see how any rational, thinking person would say that's enough for a guilty verdict."
But with no other suspects, the jury convicted him. "We all felt so strongly that this was justice for Christine and that we were doing the right thing," says Mark Landrum, who was the jury foreman.
Morton spent nearly 25 years in prison.
A few years ago, a group of attorneys, working pro bono on Morton's behalf, managed to bring the truth to light. Not only was Morton innocent, but the prosecutor, Ken Anderson, was accused of withholding crucial evidence.
The little boy, Eric, had seen the attack and told relatives that daddy was not home at the time. He described the man who did it. Neighbors had described a man parking a green van behind the Mortons' house and walking off into a wooded area. A blood-stained bandana was found nearby. None of that evidence made it into the trial.
It took years of fighting, but Morton's attorneys finally got the bandana tested for DNA. It contained Christine Morton's blood and hair and the DNA of another man -- a convicted felon named Mark Norwood.
Norwood had killed Christine Morton. And since no one figured that out after her death, he remained free. He killed another woman in the Austin area, Debra Baker, in similar circumstances less than two years later, authorities say.
Norwood has now been convicted in Morton's killing, and indicted in Baker's killing.
Last month, Anderson -- Morton's prosecutor who in 2001 became a judge -- pleaded no contest to criminal contempt for deliberately withholding exculpatory evidence.
Anderson's punishment pales in comparison to Morton's experience. The former prosecutor stepped down from his position as a judge and agreed to 10 days in jail. He then served only five of those days, under Texas laws involving good behavior behind bars.
He also agreed to a $500 fine, 500 hours of community service, and the loss of his law license, according to the Innocence Project, a legal clinic affiliated with Yeshiva University's Cardozo Law School.
It's "an extremely rare instance, and perhaps the first time, that a prosecutor has been criminally punished for failing to turn over exculpatory evidence," the Innocence Project said.

Кратко. Мужика обвинили в убийстве жены и посадили навечно. Доказательств как таковых не было, мотива не было, но прокурор убедил жюри, что мужик виновен и его посадили. Прокурор скрыл данные о некоторых уликах, как, например, показаниях маленького сына покойной, который видел в тот день дома чужого человека, а также найденную в лесу бандану со следами крови жертвы, которая в последствии была протестирована и на ней нашли кровь так же еще одного человека. Настоящий убийца остался на свободе и спустя два года убил еще одну женщину (его ДНК совпала с ДНК крови на бандане). Невиновного отца семейства освободили после 25 лет отсидки (его родной сын уже отказался от него на тот момент) после вмешательства неправительственной организации, которая после долгих боев добилась генетической экспертизы банданы. За это время ублюдок прокурор стал судьей в 2001 году. Представляете, СКОЛЬКО людей он отправил за решетку, а может и на виселицу (смертельную инъекцию) за 12 лет? Знаете чем это дело кончилось для прокурора/судьи? За 25 лет неправедной тюрьмы он получил ... 10 дней отсидки, из которых отсидел половину! Он был также оштрафован на 500 баксов, получил 500 часов общественных работ и подал в отставку с поста судьи. Самая суровая кара - у него отобрали лицензию адвоката. Учитывая, что судья пенсионного возраста, а пенсию судьи у него не отняли, то он может только посмеяться. Вам кажется это несправдливым? Так вот, это вообще ПЕРВЫЙ случай, когда прокурора наказали хоть как-то за отправку за решетку невинного человека. И, кстати, создали пррецедент в плане будущей ответственности прокуроров - 5 дней тюряги.

Вы почитайте комментарии простых американцев к статье - там народ просто кипит от возмущения, но никто не хочет признать, что виновата СИСТЕМА, которая покрывает своих.
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