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Какая прелесть!

Assaulting peaceful protesters with pepper spray can be awfully stressful, and John Pike certainly knows it better than most. Now a judge has awarded $38,000 to the former University of California cop filmed discharging his weapon on Occupy demonstrators.
Administrative Law Judge Harter has approved a workers’ compensation settlement totaling $38,059 between UC Davis and Pike, a former Marine-turned-campus law enforcement lieutenant, according to Yolo County’s Davis Enterprise newspaper.
Pike was infamously caught assaulting a group of protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement during a standoff with police in November 2011. Video footage of the incident went viral and Pike quickly became the main subject of meme-worthy ridicule around not just the small Sacramento, California-area community, but the Internet at large.
Pike was placed on eight months of paid administrative leave after the incident until UC Davis spokesman Barry Shiller confirmed to the Sacramento Bee last August that he had left the force.
According to the Enterprise, Pike was making $121,680 annually when he was fired from the department.

Помните полицейского, который поливал перцовым газом мирных протестующих в Калифорнии? Так вот, его не только не выгнали из полиции, он сам ушел после 8 месяцев ОПЛАЧИВАЕМОГО отпуска, но ему еще присудили компенсацию в 38 000 долларов за моральную травму! Его посмели осуждать в печати и интернете! Понимаете? Не только НЕ посадили, но еще и бабла отсыпали. А будет еще и пенсия, если выслуга лет есть. Кто тут говорил, что мордокопые в Америке отвечают перед избирателями? По-моему это прочие люди обязаны делать им "ку".

И еще одна феерическая история:
Earl Sampson has been stopped and questioned by Miami Gardens police 258 times in four years.
He’s been searched more than 100 times. And arrested and jailed 56 times.
Despite his long rap sheet, Sampson, 28, has never been convicted of anything more serious than possession of marijuana.
Miami Gardens police have arrested Sampson 62 times for one offense: trespassing.
Almost every citation was issued at the same place: the 207 Quickstop, a convenience store on 207th Street in Miami Gardens.
But Sampson isn’t loitering. He works as a clerk at the Quickstop.
So how can he be trespassing when he works there?
It’s a question the store’s owner, Alex Saleh, 36, has been asking for more than a year as he watched Sampson, his other employees and his customers, day after day, being stopped and frisked by Miami Gardens police. Most of them, like Sampson, are poor and black.
Saleh was so troubled by what he saw that he decided to install video cameras in his store. Not to protect himself from criminals, because he says he has never been robbed. He installed the cameras — 15 of them — he said, to protect him and his customers from police.

Чувака во Флориде задерживали 258 раз, арестовывали 56 раз, обыскивали более сотни раз. Ничего серьезнее марихуаны у него не находили, ни в чем он не был осужден. Причина ареста всегда одна - trespassing - нахождение на территории чего либо без разрешения владельца. Проблема в том, что это самое нарушение было всегда в одном месте - в магазинчике Квикстоп, где чувак РАБОТАЕТ! Докапались мордокопые, так что менеджер магазина установил видеокамеры, чтобы заснять мордокопых и спасти своего сотрудника от домогательств. Вина только в одном - работники магазина черные. При этом копы, подозреваю, латины. Управы никакой на них нет.
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