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Ливия про должает дезинтегрироваться

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — The leaders of a movement for self-rule in oil-rich eastern Libyan unilaterally announced Thursday the formation of a shadow government, the latest challenge to the weakened central authority.
The announcement came several months after the movement, backed by some militias and local tribes, declared the eastern half of Libya to be an autonomous state, named Barqa, claiming broad self-rule powers and control over resources.
The tension between the central government and eastern militias and tribal leaders has already disrupted the exports of oil. Eastern militias earlier seized control of oil exporting terminals, sending production plunging from 1.4 million barrels a day to around 600,000, robbing the country of its main revenue source.

Уже и правительство сепаратистов сформировано, а нефтедобыча упала в 2.5 раза. Ничего, пусть покушают собственного дерьмеца, когда не стали защищать свое государство. Тупорылость ишаколюбов наказуема. Аллах-то он все прекрасно видит.

Впрочем, остались и лоялисты, а крыс они потихоньку изводят:
An unknown gunmen shot and killed a Libyan air force colonel just outside his house in Benghazi on Thursday, Libyan security officials said.
This shooting is the latest in a series of high-profile killings in the eastern Libyan city believed to stem from ongoing tensions between anti-Moammar Gadhafi forces and state officials, The Associated Press reported.
Officials at the scene of the attack said the commander, Col. Adel Khalil al-Tawahi from Beninah Air Base, died immediately from gunshots to the chest and head. Beninah officials joined forces with military and security teams that ultimately brought down Gadhafi in 2011, AP said.
Still, officials aren’t clear about the motive for Thursday’s killing, AP reported.

Пристрелили одного из перебежчиков, чье предательство позволило в свое время поймать и убить Каддафи. Пуля нашла "героя". Я не большой любитель Каддафи, но его противники - это просто ублюдки в дистиллированом виде.
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