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Originally posted by seadevil001 at Статистика сексуальных отношений.
Не так давно, по ЖЖ пробегал текст, о том что гомосексуалисты имеют на порядки больше партнеров и сексуальных контактов, нежели нормальные люди. Текст был подвергнут критике жестокой, многими трезвомыслящими людьми, поскольку цифры звучали как-то неправдоподобно высоко. Да и исследования были проведены организацией борющейся за христианскую мораль.
А вот что пишет CNN, обвинить которую в антигомосексуальном настрое совершенно невозможно:

Police pressed their case Friday against a Missouri man who, they say, tested positive for HIV in 2003, then had more than 300 sexual partners -- saying later he didn't tell them about his condition because of his "fear of rejection."

Dexter, Missouri, police Det. Cory Mills said he filed a probable cause statement Friday for two more alleged victims who wish to seek charges against David Lee Mangum. This could lead to more counts against the 36-year-old Mangum, who is already facing a felony charge accusing him of exposing one of his former live-in partners to HIV.

The scope of what happened and what's to come remains to be seen -- both in terms of the breadth of legal trouble Mangum will face and the hundreds of lives he might have forever altered, directly and indirectly.

To the latter point, authorities in the rural southeastern Missouri county where Mangum lived are urging anyone with reason to suspect they could have been infected to stop their sexual activity and get tested.

"Due to the initial exposure containing 300 or more individuals over an extended period of time, each of which could themselves have multiple sexual partners, this situation should be a serious concern," Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney Russell Oliver said in a statement.

Oliver added it was especially important action be taken by anyone in the area who had met for a sex act through the Craigslist website's "men seeking men" section.

300 партнеров за 10 лет у зараженного ВИЧ гомосексуалиста.

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