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Тут все прекрасно!

A Brooklyn man who tried to make a getaway on foot after swiping a woman’s cell phone was caught by police when he tripped and fell over his own sagging pants.
Police and eye witnesses say Joel Donaldson, 21, punched his victim Maria Soccoro, in the face Wednesday then snatched her phone and took off running.
But as he ran, his ill-fitting jeans kept tripping him up until they were completely around his ankles.
Officer Donovan Hunt was directing traffic nearby saw the struggling thief and heard Soccoro’s screams.
With Donaldson handicapped with pants at his ankles, Hunt was able to tackle him to the shock and amusement of passersby.
‘He was zigzagging all over the place, but he couldn’t run because his pants was falling down,‘ witness Arlene Williams told the New York Post.
‘This cop saw it, and he went right after him,’ Williams said.
Donaldson was hauled away by police just blocks away from Brooklyn’s criminal court.
He’s since been charged with robbery.
Soccoro’s iPhone, meanwhile, has been returned safe and sound.


Вот этот прекрасный чувак

решил украсть телефон. Он ударил женщину, отобрал телефон и не смог убежать. Спущенные штаны, как у этих чувачков принято, не дали ему далеко уйти, они просто свалились с задницы, он в них запутался, а там и копы подоспели. Идиотов хватает, особенно среди жителей гетто.
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