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Америка начинает что-то подозревать...

Почитайте, что пишут в комментариях американцы на СНН:
We are living in a very strange time. It is historically akin to the 1930's when the Germans blindly went along with their government as their freedoms were systematically stripped away and people were labelled persona non grata on an increasing basis. And they were just as arrogant as Americans are today. They called people fools for questioning their government and even, as some commenters here have done, suggested executing them or throwing them into prisons (or camps).
We are on a very slippery slope and it seems that only a certain segment of the population can see it. When capitalism mutates to the degree that it has, and the almighty corporation holds power over the government and policy, it is only a matter of time before things fall apart. The treasury is being looted, the wealth is being concentrated, politicians are being bought and sold, and the people are becoming blind.

We are one fanatical leader away from imploding just like Germany did. Our local law-enforcement has been militarized to the point it can take on small Nations. The TSA is reporting having 56,000 employees and is expanding. Even PARK RANGERS look like wannabe soldiers now. Domestic spying and drone use has been authorized at home ... odd I don't remembering anyone passing any new amendments allowing it. The term "domestic terrorist" is being used more frequently to indoctrinate the simple-minded. Food for thought ... the tipping point in Germany came when the "brown shirts" out numbered the military.
The worst part? All of the above is accurate but even typing it or reading it you are supposed to feel like a conspiracy nut. I am 45 years old and this is not the America I grew up pledging allegiance to. What happened to my America.

You don't feel like a conspiracy nut anymore, and neither do I.
I have met and talked to people that say they will not tolerate TSA ANYWHERE outside of an airport, and some have even threatened to militarily engage them if the TSA is seen trying to control people outside of that environment.
When the politicians, law enforcement and courts do not follow the law, but instead, ignore and skirt their responsibility to law, then what obligation to it do YOU really have?

Дискуссия отсюда. Впрочем, вам придется немного отмотать ленту назад, так как новые люди пишут.
Общий лейтмотив - Америка все больше напоминает Германию накануне 1933. Причем пишут как правые, так и левые, касается всех. Тут можно спорить, но тенденция настораживает... Смутное время.
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