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Как содомиты устроили геноцид

Multiple reasons have been offered for the beginning of the Bar Kokhba revolt. One interpretation is that in 130 CE, Emperor Hadrian visited the ruins of the temple. At first sympathetic towards the Jews, Hadrian promised to rebuild the temple, but the Jews felt betrayed when they found out that his intentions were to build a temple dedicated to Jupiter upon the ruins of the Second Temple. A rabbinic version of this story claims that Hadrian was planning on rebuilding the Temple, but a malevolent Samaritan convinced him not to.
According to Cassius Dio, 580,000 Jews were killed, and 50 fortified towns and 985 villages razed.

Cassius Dio, Roman History

А этот самый Адриан (очень неплохой император, кстати) отличился тем, что:
Hadrian had a close relationship with a Bithynian Greek youth, Antinous, which was most likely sexual.
During a journey on the Nile he lost Antinous, his favorite, and for this youth he wept like a woman. Concerning this incident there are varying rumors; for some claim that he had devoted himself to death for Hadrian, and others — what both his beauty and Hadrian's sensuality suggest. But however this may be, the Greeks deified him at Hadrian's request, and declared that oracles were given through his agency, but these, it is commonly asserted, were composed by Hadrian himself.
Antinous drowned in 130. Deeply saddened, Hadrian founded the Egyptian city of Antinopolis in his memory, and had Antinous deified – an unprecedented honor for one not of the ruling family. The cult of Antinous became very popular in the Greek-speaking world.
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