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Черная вдова american style?

Katherine Russell last saw her husband Thursday, just hours before he died in a gun battle with police, according to a source close to the family. She was handing off her 2-year-old daughter to stay with him while she went to work, the source said.
The FBI wants to interview Russell about her husband, but for now, agents only have been able to talk to her lawyer.
NPR's Laura Sullivan reported Friday on an interview with unnamed women she described as Russell's close friends and college roommates.
"They described Tamerlan as very controlling and very manipulative of their friend," Sullivan said. "They say he was combative and angry. He would often call (Russell) names and insult her. He would call her a slut and a prostitute, and they remember fights that they would get into where he would fly into rages and sometimes throw furniture or throw things."
Russell dropped out of school after she became pregnant in her senior year, the women told Sullivan. "They say that she really pulled away from her friends, that she cut off contact with them, and she also cut off contact with her family members which her friends had been in contact with," she reported.
Russell was born and raised in suburban Providence, Rhode Island, a Christian who converted to Islam after marrying Tsarnaev. She's an observant Muslim and wears a headscarf, her lawyer said.

По-моему все признаки налицо: забеременела от Тамерлана, находясь в старших классах школы, бросила учиться, перестала общаться с друзьями и родней, зато обратилась в ислам и соблюдает все исламские уложения. В статье также говорится, что она работает сиделкой с бабками (явно малооплачиваемая работа, у меня жена по приезде работала), а ее ныне покойный муж непонятно чем занимаелся и ее поколачивал. Все, абсолютно ВСЕ признаки потенциальной черной вдовы налицо. Речь идет, конечно, о нечеченских черных вдовах, наподобие русских жен боевиков.
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