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Hugh Jackman caught up in bizarre stalking incident at gym as woman is arrested for throwing 'razor filled with pubic hair' at him
Hugh Jackman headed to the gym on Saturday and got more than what he bargained for.
The 44-year-old actor went to Gotham Gym in West Village, New York, where a woman confronted him inside as he was working out.
Kathleen Thurston, 47, ran past the front desk in hysterics, crying and shouting that she loved the X-Men star, according to reports.
Though the woman was eventually stopped by a gym employee, she reached into her waistband and grabbed an electric razor full of her body hair, according to TMZ
'The razor fell out of her hands when I stepped in between them,' Mike Castle, a trainer at the gym, told police.
Hugh asked the woman not to touch him, according to NYPD spokesman Sgt Tom Antonelli.
Kathleen left the gym as soon as security arrived.
She was arrested a few blocs away from the facility and charged with stalking.
'Here's a woman who obviously needs help so I just hope she get the help she needs,' the actor told CBS New York correspondent Carol D'Auria.
Jackman was reportedly shaken by the incident, fearing that the woman was grabbing for a weapon when she reached into her pants.
The New York Post reported that the woman's address is listed as a Harlem shelter for the mentally ill.

Как говорится, без комментариев.
Если коротко, сумасшедшая баба кидалась своими лобковыми волосами в Хью Джекмена из за острой неразделенной любви, а Россомаха слегка офигел и отложил немного кирпичей, когда неуравновешенная тетка полезла в трусы за какой-то штуковиной.
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