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Симпатии к Дорнеру в социальных медиа уже привлекли внимание американских журналистов

Ex-LAPD cop gains sympathizers on social media

The life and apparent death of the ex-Los Angeles Police Department cop who declared war against police corruption has generated a social media fringe of fans who are asserting that Christopher Jordan Dorner was really a hero seeking justice, despite being a suspect in four killings.

The sympathizers have garnered 18,336 supporters on a Facebook page entitled "We Stand With Christopher Dorner." The online group has posted Dorner's manifesto against corrupt police -- a document that was "scrubbed by mainstream media outlets," the webpage charges.

Another Facebook page, "We Are All Chris Dorner," had 3,819 "likes," or followers, with 6,620 people talking about the page devoted to how the 6-foot, 270-pound Dorner was "the victim of a manhunt and smear campaign. 5 years ago he was fired from the LAPD for seeking to expose corruption within it."
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