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Как я и предполагал, американцы в отношении полиции не сильно отлчаются от русских

Вот что написали на сайте СНН в отделе обсуждение:
Despite the articles obvious attempt to color public opinion--from what I am reading, more are siding with Dormer than with the LAPD--that has got to be troubling to all the people who monitor these news blogs--if public opinion is not against the suspect and indeed also suspects the police--what does it say about the public's mindset? I do wonder why/how a car with 2 women got shot at just for being the same color as the vehicle Dormer drove but their truck was a different make and model and I believe the 2 women shot were white--seems like a lot of mistakes on many levels.

То есть, все больше и больше людей на сторонее "партизана" и автор, как и я, обеспокоен этим, особенно учитывая обстрел машин, в которых только ПРЕДПОЛАГАЛОСЬ наличие подозреваемого. Почему стреляли и не виноваты ли сами пассажиры этих машин? Вот что пишут:
From what I've pieced together from various sources, the two women were latina and 71 and 45 years of age. They were delivering newspapers in the early morning and as is typical of that type of work, they turned off their headlights as they turned toward a house to avoid high beaming the occupants. The LAPD was nearby guarding the home of a likely Dormer target, saw the lights go off, considered this to be a threat, and unloaded 30 (poorly aimed) rounds into the vehicle.
Перевожу: две тетки, которые доставляли утреннюю почту на схожем пикапе повернули к дому и выключили фары, чтобы не слепить жителей домика, а полицейские охраняли по соседству одного из своих, на которых охотился Дорнер, и посчитали, что это за ними и без разговоров расстреляли 45 и 71 летнюю женщин. Хорошо, что стреляли паршиво, никого не убили.

Короче, все печально: народ активно ненавидит полицию за коррупцию, непрофессионализм, элитарность, оторванность от народа и чрезмерное применение силы. Ничего не напоминает, ммм?

Просто несколько постов, что б вы себе представляли сентименты. Причем послания только от разумных авторов, никакого борцунства:
You do not go around shooting at any blue truck without knowing who the driver is.. Police disobey orders... those cops should of taking cover and wait , they didn't do that. We go over the gun rules everyday in the Marines. Hunters can't shoot unless they are 100 % sure they know what they are shooting at....Those cops ? should be fired, they are lucky they have lousy aim and didn't killed those 2 ladies.. Former Marine.

Everyone thinks Dorner is cool or a hero because this seems like something out of a movie script. We've been infatuated with so much media that we are unable to discern between reality and fiction. This is a huge problem because most people are going to walk away from this and learn nothing from it. They don't think deep enough. They only scratch the surface of this social issue which is more than just murder. This relates to the 500+ years of racism and recent and probably social issues in America.
The reality is racism and corruption at large and how hatred can transform such a gentle looking and acting man into one the media describes as a "MURDERER" or an "ASSASSIN".
The fiction part is where people are looking at how he is the HERO that stood against the police. They hype about his killings and his thoughtful planning.
It's until it happens to one person that is hypnotized that they snap back to reality and realize that this is as real as it gets....

This guy is a veteran who obviously got the same treatment from the system that a lot of other veterans have received.
I don't think it's the case that shooting some cops automatically makes you a liar. Either there's evidence that supports his claims, or there isn't. It's pretty clear from his "manifesto" that aside from being a murderer he appears to be a sane rational person in every other respect. And since he was trained to be a murderer by the government, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he is one.
In his "manifesto" he says that he will stop taking out his revenge on the cops if they admit he did not lie in his initial report of an officer using excessive force on a suspect. He says the LAPD has tapes, and he names the individuals who should be able to comment (if they are capable of commenting truthfully) on those events. Either his account is true, or it is not.
If his account is true, then for God's sake issue an apology. This isn't giving in to terrorism because we should require that cops be truthful as a matter of fact. Man up, LAPD, and issue an apology for being a corrupt organization that probably did scr3w this guy over exactly as he's laid out in his narrative.
You either show the evidence that his claims are false, or you show the evidence that they are true. It's called investigating, and it's something the public should expect to be done properly by both the police and the media.
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