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Анонимность не дает гарантий от проблем

An internet troll reviled for his pornographic posts on Reddit and recently revealed as a middle-aged software programmer told CNN that he made "a huge mistake."
For years, 49-year-old Michael Brutsch hid behind the online screen name "Violentacrez," creating hundreds of subforums on the user-generated website, such as "Rapebait," "Incest," "Pics of Dead Kids," "Choke a Bitch," and "Rape Jokes." "Violentacrez" has been banned from the site several times, although Brutsch still maintains a separate account.
Last week, Gawker revealed the identity of "Violentacrez," whose posts generated as many as 800,000 subscribers and triggered a debate about whether Reddit was criminally liable for the content of its forums. Reddit is a website where the popularity of posts -- and whether they are featured prominently on the site's main page -- is determined by registered users' votes.
Days after the Gawker article, Brutsch agreed to talk exclusively to CNN on camera at a hotel room in Fort Worth, about six miles from his home. He said his employer fired him after the Gawker article. He had worked there for seven years.


Чувак тролил-тролил на форумах, упиваясь своей безнаказанностью, но его вывели на чистую воду и он теперь потерял работу. Постил фотки голых подростков без их разрешения, устраивал флейм по поводу и без повода. И ладно бы был прыщавым юнцом -- так нет, почти полтинник, взрослые дети в армии...
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