kilativ (kilativ) wrote,

Что-то пугает меня качество солдат в американской армии...

A soldier trying to scare another soldier out of hiccups shot his comrade in the face, killing him, authorities said Tuesday.
Both soldiers, joined by a third man, were drinking alcohol and watching football at the time of the Sunday night incident, authorities said.
"The victim had the hiccups. The suspect pulled out a gun to scare him in order to stop the hiccups," said spokesman Carroll Smith of the Killeen, Texas, Police Department.

Солдат, желая излечить приятеля от икоты, решил его испугать и выстрелил ему в лицо, убив на месте. Или полный идиот, или напился до безобразия. И то и другое пугает.
Tags: Америка, оружие

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