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Ювенальная юстиция отобрала детей у мужика потому, что он слишком толстый.

Does a weight problem make you an unfit parent? That's what one dad who lost custody of kids fears. The 360-pound father of two claims his size affected the court's decision to turn his kids over to the state.
The 38-year-old Ottawa man, whose identity is protected by Canada's Child and Family Services Act, plans to appeal a decision to place his two young sons, ages five and six, up for adoption.
While the judge in the case hasn't released an official statement, a doctor's report submitted to the court backs up the dad's claim. The assessment by a clinic adviser warns the man has "struggled with obesity for years, which impacts significantly on most aspects of his life including [his] functioning as a parent." It continues: "He was short of breath or winded in simply walking short distances about the clinic and he lacks both the mobility and stamina required to keep up with young and active children."

Пока это в "светоче эмиграции и демократии" - Канаде. Но тенденция идет по миру, знаете ли...
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