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Безо всякого перевода привожу реакцию американских комментаторов на вчерашнюю демонстрацию OWS в Нью Йорке. Было около 15 000 человек, что для несистемной оппозиции немало. Это вам не болотинги устраивать на деньги олигархов и всяких фондов. Официоз проигнорировал событие (мельком в местных новостях показали, да), тем не менее, реакция в сети очень характерна (на якобы либеральном сайте!):

If these loser put more energy into finding a job and or jobs, they would have paid off their student loans already. What loser poverty mentality on the loose..

Why were the protesters blocking a public street?

Losers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why were the police blocking a public street?
The occupy terrorists were out in full force in Denver yesterday. They took a few minutes to leave their homeless compound so they could accost the working people on the 16th Street Mall.
My co-worker came back to the office terrified. They spit on her and called her the devil because she was dressed in professional clothes. What kind of man does that? These people are sub-human.

May Day is a communist holiday. The only thing missing from these people are the red neckerchiefs. They should be thrown out of the country and sent to China.

"Success still depends on the individual, not on government "
So why aren't you rich?
Stop mooching off the taxes I pay.
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