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И слегка в догонку к посту про копов. Их антагонисты не отстают

Originally posted by stalkerbezuma at Страна должна знать своих героев!
Подсчитали, что после Катрины, в перестрелках полицией было убито 1500 человек в Новом Орлиане. Фигассе что там творилось!!

The Justice Department's Civil Rights Division launched an investigation into what it called "patterns or practices" of alleged misconduct by New Orleans police in the aftermath of Katrina, which killed nearly 1,500 people in Louisiana and more than 1,700 across the Gulf Coast. Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas said Wednesday that his department "will continue to take bold and decisive actions to right the wrongs inside the department, some of which we now know go back seven full years."
Tags: Америка, преступность

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