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Что произошло в Афгане на самом деле?

Всё больше данных на то, что в Афгане массовую казнь учинил не единственный свихнувшийся вояка, а это была спланированное истребление несколькими солдатами. Интересно, когда американские власти признают возможность такого развития событий или будут до конца отрицать произошедшее? Даже американские масс-медия говорят, что там было не все чисто:
"It was around 3 at night that they entered the room. They took my uncle out of the room and shot him after asking him, 'Where is the Taliban?'
"My uncle replied that he didn't know," Ahmad said.
Ahmad used "they" but did not say more than one soldier was in his home.
He said things only got worse from there.
"Finally they came to this room and martyred all the children in this room. There was even a 2-month-old among these children," he said.
Once the shooting stopped, the villagers said, some of the dead were piled in a room and set on fire.
Hours after the shooting, dawn revealed the burned bodies and dead babies. Villagers laid them side by side in truck beds to be taken to a burial ground.
NATO and U.S. officials have said this was the work of a single soldier who was not on any mission and was acting on his own.

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